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ProStraps velcro grips
ProStraps velcro grips
ProStraps velcro grips
ProStraps velcro grips
ProStraps velcro grips
ProStraps velcro grips

ProStraps Grips

1 Reviews

Comfort and security upgrade for your controllers.

Loosen your finger grip and reduce the strain fatigue of holding your controllers. Play long without worry.

Controller Brand
ProStraps Type
  • MK2 upgrade for controller mounts
  • MK2 standalone for bare controllers
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Focus on Your Game by Playing Hand-Free.

Free your hands with these cushion pads straps. You can open your hand completely for better immersion. These straps allow you to add an extra feeling of freedom, for example when throwing a grenade.

What are they for?

  • Much more natural interactions: You do not have to close your hands all the time in real life (IRL). Make your , we are not always having to y and way more natural interactions to enjoy VR potential.
  • Security: No more fear sending your controllers flying away.
  • Reduced fatigue: Play longer by relieving the pressure on your fingers.
  • Comfort: Snug your hands between the controller and the featherweight pads with soft fabric.
  • Time-saver: If you need to interrupt your game, don't waste precious time looking for a safe surface for your controllers. Simply keep them attached to your hands.
  • Perfect for the VR first discovery: You're introducing a friend or family member to VR. Worried about how they'll react when the first scary things happen? Attach the controllers to their hands! (and make a step back, just in case… I speak from experience).
  • Sport ready: Perfect for workout games, the ProStraps become like hand straps or globes in hand-to-hand combat games like boxe, or if you are dual wielding or even climbing.
  • Caution: Always use the controller's lanyards/wrist straps. Long and/or intense game session can gradually reduce the depth of the controller in the cup. There's a hole in the bottom of the cup for the lanyards.

Features of the ProStraps cushion pads:

  • Adjustable Velcro Straps: Thanks to the top and bottom straps, they are fully adjustable to fit different hand sizes. Even Big Foot's.
  • Compatibility: Thanks to the controller holders, the ProStraps can be used with most of ProTubeVR's product range such as the MagTube gunstock, ForceTube haptic rifle, ProVolver recoil hand gun, ProTas joystick.

Any game or activity will benefit the use of the ProStraps:

  • VR FPS with or without a gunstock: Onward, Pavlov, Breachers, Contractors, Ghosts of Tabor, AMF, Gun Club VR, Pistol Whip, Blaston, The Light Brigade, Into the Radius, Hellsweeper VR, Firewall Ultra, Propagation…
  • Sword fight: BeatSaber, Blade and Sorcery, Everslaught, Until you fall, Broken Edge…
  • Workout and hand-to-hand combat: The Thrill of the Fight, Les Mills Body Combat, OhShape, Holofit, FitXR, All-In-One Sports VR, ReaKT, Gym Class, The Climb…
  • Adventure and puzzle: I expect you to die (1, 2, 3), the 7th guest, Five Nights at Freedy's, Moss (1 & 2), Eye of the Temple, Westworld Awakening…
  • Table-top gaming: Demeo, Tabletop Simulator, Dungeon Full Dive (DFD)…
  • Tourism: Wander, Brink, Alcove, Ocean Rift…
  • Art and Design: Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Shapes XR, Brushwork, Cyber Paint VR, SculptVR, AnimVR…
  • Entertainment: CineVR, Bigscreen…
  • Desktop work: Virtual Desktop, Immersed…
  • Social activities: VRChat, Horizon…

What's in the box?

  • For MK1 model: 1 x Pair of ProStraps pads with top and bottom attachements
  • For "MK2 upgrade for controller mounts" model: 1 x Pair of ProStraps pads, 2 x Rubber slots to replace the controller's ones
  • For "MK2 standalone for bare controllers" model: 2 x Rubber slots for the controllers and 2 x Straps to put on the rubber slots
Product name
VR controller brand
HP Reverb G2
Meta Quest 1 & Rift S
Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 3 & Pro
Pico 4
Main product
Adventure & Puzzle
Any game
Art & Design
Drums play
First Person Shooter (FPS)
Melee fight
Social activities
Tabletop gaming
Product group
ProStraps cushion pad
1 Reviews

Received my straps today and fitted them immediately ,
They are super comfortable, easy to adjust ,
And for the price they are I feel they are a great deal

By Martin Christie on 11/16/2022

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