Since its launch in 2016, ProTubeVR has always sought to improve its products, and comes up with new ones, to meet the new uses of VR.

Our major innovations have been made following intense thoughts and a multitude of stages, going through prototyping, testing, finding and rectifying defects, to the final product.

To protect this innovative work, which is an integral part of ProTubeVR's DNA, we have called on the services of firms and lawyers specialized in intellectual property protection.

At present, the results of our know-how are protected in various countries, by the government offices responsible.

European Patent Office
World Intellectual Property Organization
Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle


Frame and cups

  • EPO : 4547501
  • USPTO : US D837892 S
  • INPI : 3079424

Magtube - VR gunstock

  • INPI : FR3079424A1
  • WIPO : WO/2019/186058
  • EPO : WO2019186058 (A1)

ForceTube - VR haptic gunstock

  • INPI : 3086185
  • WIPO : WO/2020/058649



  • INPI : 4403323


  • INPI : 1416878

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