This is the Most Realistic Gun You Can Use in VR.

This is a review and tutorial for the ProTube ProVolver. I appreciated them sending me a unit for review, but as always these are my honest thoughts. Something I didn't mention: This device is available in both left and right hands, depending on what you need.

ForceTube haptic technology will be supported at launch for Zombie Army VR!

Are you ready to dive deeper into the virtual apocalypse? We're thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with our friends over at Rebellion, developers of the highly anticipated Zombie Army VR game. While the game is still in development, we're excited to share a glimpse of what's to come: future compatibility with our cutting-edge ForceTube haptic technology. 

Extendays - Upgrade your gear

ProTubers, this is your time. You can upgrade your gear at a lower price. ForceTube haptic module, comfy ProStraps, Tactical bipod, front-extension for ProVolver.. Level up your stuff.

Building a VR sim chair to track targets better than I ever could with TrackIR

A quick video how I built myself a rotating VR simpit chair on a limited budget, increased my win ratio, protected my neck in VR and finally maged to boom&zoom.

How Strong is VR Haptic Recoil? ProTubeVR ForceTube Explorer Tested

Testing the ProTubeVR ForceTube Explorer haptic module's recoil kick and comparing it to actual cartridges.

Christmas sales

With the Black Friday, you put your hands on a new VR Headset? Improve your experience with the last sales of this year! 

ProTube MagTube - The ULTIMATE VR Accessory For FPS Games?

We are taking a look at the ProTube MagTube, A VR Gunstock Accessory. Covering all sorts! Grab a cuppa and take a seat...


¿Quieres AUMENTAR tus BAJAS? ¿Subir en la TABLA y ser el PRIMERO? ¿Y encima MEJORAR tu PUNTERÍA y el REALISMO en el JUEGO? Pues echa un OJO a este VIDEO y DESCUBRE un GRAN ACCESORIO para tus META QUEST 3.

CYBER MONDAY 2023: Extension of the Carbon Friday!

Discover our Cyber Monday awesome offers! 10 to 30% OFF on our product range, from 27 to 30 November. 

BLACK FRIDAY 2023: Best offer on premium accessories, even for the Meta Quest 3!

Discover our Carbon Friday awesome offers! 10 to 30% OFF on our product range, from 17 to 26 November. 

The Best (Standalone/PCVR) Gunstock Money Can Buy

After endlessly reviewing vr gunstocks, spending upwards of $1000 over the past 4 years, and tormenting myself with rigs that were great in some ways and rough in others, I've found the last one I'll ever need.

First Look: OFFICIAL Pavlov Launch on Quest 3 with a GUNSTOCK!

Pavlov Shack is FINALLY coming to the official Quest store! Let's check it out together... and... enter the Pavlov Quest 3 & MagTube giveaway: ► Pavlov on Meta Quest Store:

Feel the Recoil! Haptic VR Pistol Stock - ProTubeVR ProVolver

Unboxing and having a look at the ProVolver haptic feedback pistol stock (with support hand extension) from ProTubeVR. This VR pistol stock lets you feel realistc weight and recoil for each shot!

Quest 3 Accessories: Carrying Cases, Straps, Controller Grips & More

Quest 3 Accessories: Carrying Cases, Straps, Controller Grips & More

Looking for Meta Quest 3 accessories? Here's what you need to know.

The Best VR Flight Controls? Unboxing the ProTubeVR ProTas

Unboxing and taking a look at ProTubeVR's ProTas snap-in HOTAS system for motion controllers. Could this be the best way to fly in VR? Compatible with most headsets including PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, PICO and more!

Tutorial: Static stock MK2 - Switch side

This video shows you how switch the hand laterality of the Static stock MK2 from right to left handed.

Tutorial: Static stock MK2 - replace the MK1 static stock

This video shows you how to remove the Static stock MK1 to replace with the Static stock MK2.

ProStraps MK2 - Setup and mounting

This video shows you how to mount and setup your ProStraps MK2

New upgrade for VR Rifles: Static Stock MK2

The Static Stock MK2 is an adjustable stock designed for enhanced shooting performance. Achieve optimal length and cheek weld positions for improved accuracy and comfort.


Come and discover the NEW "LASER LAIR" DLC for WALKABOUT MINI GOLF in fun multiplayer on PICO 4 PCVR with the "golf club" accessory from ProTubeVR!

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